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Suomen Dobermannyhdistys on vuonna 1950 perustettu valtakunnallinen rotujärjestö. Sääntöjen mukaan yhdistyksen tarkoituksena on herättää harrastusta kenneltyöhön ja varsinkin dobermannrotuun, sekä edistää rodun jalostusta ja ohjata jäseniään oikein hoitamaan, kasvattamaan ja kouluttamaan koiriaan.

Oulunkylän maja - ja kenttä

Katuosoite: Jokiniementie 1, Helsinki

Suomen Dobermannyhdistys ry - vuodesta 1950

© Susanna Eksymä
Suomen Dobermannyhdistys ry | Finlands Dobermannförening rf
© Maikku Mönkkönen

IDC WM 2021 peruttu vuodelta 2021

IDC WM 2021 on peruttu vuodelta 2021 johtuen COVID -tilannekehityksestä.

Dear IDC members,
We hope that you, your families and dogs are in good health.
Due to the current worldwide pandemic situation, we regret to inform you that the IDC World Championships 2021 will also be cancelled.
In many countries there are still restrictions to train with the dogs, to travel and some are even still in lockdown.
All the political measures led to this difficult decision, which the IDC also has to abide by and which we regret very much.
As we could/can not host the IDC World Championship (2020 +2021) nor the IDC Congress and Exhibition 2020 due to the Covid pandemic,
the 2021 subscription payment will be reduced once for this exceptional situation in order to accommodate the member countries.
Member countries are therefore requested to pay the IDC base fee (€ 150.00) only for the year 2021 in due time.
The invoice for payment will follow.
The membership list has been updated due to the subscription payments in 2020.
We very much hope that we can at least meet again in September, in beautiful Croatia, for the IDC Congress and Exhibition!
Stay healthy and safe!
Kind regards,
Evi Torfs
IDC Secretary
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